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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions below!

Can I get more details on your turnaround time?
Of course! Our turnaround time is a 'safe net' for our designers. Typically, we get projects done in less time than the initial turnaround time but but we feel its important to allow ample time for designers to work their magic! 
What does 'Unlimited Designs' really mean? 
Unlimited. Infinity. Never-ending...We really give you what you need! You are free to requests as many designs as needed. Your plan's turnaround time will determine about how many designs you can expect per month. If you request a quick job that turns around in 1 day, feel free to start your next right matter what plan you have. 
What does '1 active project at a time' refer to? 
Feel free to request as many projects as you need. They come into our system separately. 
We'll work through them one at a time and never miss the appropriate turnaround time. 
Why is the estimated turnaround time on revisions 1 business day? 
We have a list full of projects to complete daily which could prevent us from completing immediate changes. 
But rest assured, most revision are minor tweaks and can be revised very quickly.
If I want to cancel, how do I complete the cancelation? 
Don't go! :( But if you have to, contact and we'll complete the request immediately; 
no 'final charges' or fine print. 
What tools do you use to create the projects? 
We use the professional Adobe Suite to complete jobs. These allow high quality crisp files needed for small screens and billboards alike. We do not create designs using Microsoft or Google tools, and do not work with other tools 
such as CorelDraw, Sketch, Inkspace, and Canva. 
Can I change my plan at anytime? 
Of course! You can change your plan anytime you need. Just contact
What happens when I request a project on a weekend or Holiday? 
:) It is immediately delivered to our design queue.  :( Our office is empty, but we will see it first thing Monday morning. In some cases a designer may be in the office and begin work right away. If not, first thing Monday morning. 
What happens after I Sign Up? 
You become part of the family! We contact you shortly with the steps to log in to your account and begin requesting projects. The process is fairly quick. We are most likely in touch the same day! 
Are you an Agency, No problem. 
All work is 100% yours to use or resell. We can handle excess work from your team as well.
Who owns the work we complete? 
You own it, 100%. Short, sweet, and to the point.
Can I share my account with others? 
You sure can, just keep in mind projects are completed one at a time. If you have more than one brand we can also give a custom quote which could allow for multiple projects at once and quicker turnaround time! 
More questions? 
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